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   ├─01-The Foundation
   │      01-Play F1  Know Your Market .pdf
   │      02-Play F2- Having A Growth Vs. Fixed Mindset - Sales DNA.mkv
   │      03-Play F3  Don't Be A Debbie Downer .pdf
   │      04-Play F4  How To Elegantly Explain What You Do .pdf
   │      05-Play F5  Ditch The Pitch .pdf
   │      06-Play F6  Starting Conversations With Strangers .pdf
   │      07-Play F7  Don't Exceed Your Prospect's Speed Limit .pdf
   │      08-Play F8  Solutions Disguised As Problems .pdf
   │      09-Play F9  How To Explain What You Do In A Cold Email In One Sentence .pdf
   │      10-Play F10  How To Start Conversations With People Who Aren't Buying .pdf
   │      11-Play F11  Go For No .pdf
   │      12-Play F12  Deposits   Withdrawals .pdf
   │      说明.txt
   ├─02-Know Your Prospect's Motivators
   │      -Play PM6- Example Of A Jobs-To-Be-Done Interview - Sales DNA.mp3
   │      01-Play Pm1  Your Market's Motivations .pdf
   │      02-Play Pm2  Fireballs Vs. Flowers .pdf
   │      03-Play Pm3  How To Become An Insider .pdf
   │      04-Play Pm4  How To Get Your Prospect's Secret Buying Language Using Jobs-To-Be Done .pdf
   │      05-Jobs To Be Done  A Guide To Getting Your Customer's Buying Language.docx
   │      07-Play Pm7  The Lingo Library .pdf
   │      08-Play Pm8  How To Be More Interesting To Prospects .pdf
   │      09-Play PM9- How To Stay Top Of Mind When Prospects Aren't Motivated Right Now- - Sales DNA.mkv
   │      10-Play Pm10  How To Get The Cfos To Buy In .pdf
   │      11-Play Pm11  A Shortcut For Building Credibility And Trust .pdf
   │      说明.txt
   ├─03-Outsourcing List Building
   │      01-Play Lb1  Getting Started .pdf
   │      02-Play LB2- Defining Your Targeting Parameters Using Sales Navigator - Sales DNA.mkv
   │      03-Play Lb3  The Specific Oversees Researcher I Recommend .pdf
   │      04-Play LB4- Example Of A Lead List You'll Get Back .png
   │      说明.txt
   ├─04-Cold Calling
   │      01-Play CC1- The Pain Triangle - Sales DNA.mkv
   │      02-Play Cc2  The Educational Based Cold Call Script .pdf
   │      03-Play Cc3  Example  Educational Based Cold Call Script - Sales Coach .pdf
   │      04-Play CC4- Behind The Scenes — Creating An Educational Based Cold Call Script — Example For Fin Tech - Sales DNA.mkv
   │      05-Play CC5- Behind The Scenes — Creating An Education Based Cold Call Script — Example For Cyber Security - Sales DNA.mkv
   │      06-Play Cc6  Leveraging Wins To Attract Similar Clients .pdf
   │      07-Play CC7- What To Say When A Gatekeeper Picks Up - Sales DNA.mkv
   │      08-Play Cc8  Cold Call Transcript That Booked A Meeting .pdf
   │      09-Place Cc9  How To Cold Call A Trade Show Lead .pdf
   │      10-Play Cc11  Live Cold Call — Ghosted Prospect .pdf
   │      说明.txt
   │      01-Play Vm1  Five Voicemail Formulas .pdf
   │      02-Play Vm2  The 8.9 Second Voicemail .pdf
   │      03-Play Vm3  Voicemail — The Script And Tone That Gets 30  Of My Calls Returned .pdf
   │      说明.txt
   ├─06-Casual Copywriting
   │      01-Play Cw1  Don't Believe The Hype .pdf
   │      02-Play Cw2  The Triplet .pdf
   │      03-Play Cw3   Go For No .pdf
   │      04-Play Cw4  How To Use Humor To Increase Response Rates .pdf
   │      05-Play Cw5  Your Customers Are Your Best Salespeople .pdf
   │      06-Play Cw6  Turning A Skeptic Into A Buyer .pdf
   │      07-Play Cw7  How To Explain Things Clearly .pdf
   │      08-Play Cw8  Show  Don't Tell .pdf
   │      09-Play Cw9  Casual Copywriting Example .pdf
   │      10-Play Cw10  The Secret To Creating Memorable Cold Email Copy .pdf
   │      11-Play Cw11  Sales Copy Teardown (Before   After) .pdf
   │      12-Play Cw12  Are You Pitching Or Proving  .pdf
   │      13-Play Cw13  Example Of Hype-Free Copy In A Cold Email .pdf
   │      14-Play Cw14  2 Things I Learned From Jason Fried About Copywriting .pdf
   │      15-Play Cw15  Casual Copywriting Examples (Before   After) .pdf
   │      16-Play Cw16  The Secret To Getting More Positive Cold Email Responses .pdf
   │      17-Play Cw17  3 Ways To Increase Cold Email Response Rates .pdf
   │      18-Play Cw18  How To Use Emotions To Motivate Prospects .pdf
   │      19-Play Cw19  Steal Like An Artist To Increase Open Rates .pdf
   │      20-Play Cw20  Chase — Features Into Benefits Makeover .pdf
   │      21-Play Cw21  Before   After .pdf
   │      22-Play Cw22  Who's Your Villain  .pdf
   │      说明.txt
   ├─07-Cold Emailing
   │      01-Play Ce1  The Biggest Cold Email Mistake .pdf
   │      02-Play Ce2  Cold Email  Subject Lines .pdf
   │      03-Play Ce3  The Testimonial Email .pdf
   │      04-Play Ce4  Bring Back That Loving Feeling .pdf
   │      05-Play Ce5  Cold Email  Follow-Up After Direct Mail .pdf
   │      06-Play Ce6  15 Minutes Of Fame .pdf
   │      07-Play Ce7  Leveraging Shared Audiences .pdf
   │      08-Play Ce8  Reactivate Lost Opportunities .pdf
   │      09-Play Ce9  Medicine For The Problem .pdf
   │      10-Play Ce10  Example For Saas .pdf
   │      11-Play Ce11  The Cold Call Email .pdf
   │      12-Play Ce12  Personalization At Scale .pdf
   │      13-Play Ce13  No Response — The Surrender Email .pdf
   │      14-Play Ce14  No Response — The Presumptive Negative .pdf
   │      15-Play Ce15  No Response — The Hail Mary .pdf
   │      16-Play Ce16  Cold Email From The Ceo Of Rippling .pdf
   │      17-Play Ce17  Shining A Light On A Problem .pdf
   │      18-Play Ce18  Informative   Entertaining .pdf
   │      19-Play Ce19  Introducing Two People Via Email .pdf
   │      19-Play CE19- Introducing Two People Via Email - Sales DNA.mkv
   │      20-Play Ce20  The 4t Email — A High Converting Formula .pdf
   │      20-Play CE20- The 4T Email — A High Converting Formula - Sales DNA.mkv
   │      21-Play Ce21  Low Friction Calls To Action .pdf
   │      22-Play Ce22  Email To Start A Conversation With An Innovator .pdf
   │      23-Play Ce24  The 4-Part Video Series .pdf
   │      24-Play Ce25  How To Respond To   Send Me Some Information  In Email .pdf
   │      25-Play Ce26  Example Of A 3 Touch Sequence For A List Building Service .pdf
   │      26-Play Ce27  The Cold Email That Booked A Meeting And Sales With Geico .pdf
   │      27-Play Ce28  The Cold Email That Landed Verizon .pdf
   │      28-Play Ce29  The Cold Email From The Ceo .pdf
   │      29-Play Ce30  The One Sentence Email .pdf
   │      30-Play Ce31  Example Of A Personalized 4t Email .pdf
   │      31-Play Ce32  Example Of A 4t Email To Target .pdf
   │      32-Play Ce33  4t Email That Got The Attention Of A Busy Ceo .pdf
   │      33-Play Ce34  A Cold Email Written By A Customer To A Prospect .pdf
   │      34-Play Ce35  One Of The Best Cold Emails I've Ever Seen .pdf
   │      35-Image Experiment.xlsx
   │      35-Play CE36- Scaling Personalized Email In Cold Emails.mkv
   │      36-Play Ce37  Hyper-Personalized 4t Email That Got A Positive Response .pdf
   │      37-Play Ce38  The Cold Email That Got A Response From A Director Of Sales Why This Works .pdf
   │      38-Play Ce39  How To Write A Damn Good Email In 8 Minutes .pdf
   │      38-Play CE39- How To Write A Damn Good Email In 8 Minutes - Sales DNA.mkv
   │      40-Play Ce40  Cold Email Teardown — Before And After .pdf
   │      41-Play Ce41  6 Low Friction Calls To Action That Start Conversations .pdf
   │      42-Play Ce42  The Cold Email That Persuaded Chris Voss To Be On My Podcast! .pdf
   │      43-Play Ce43  Post Webinar Email That Starts Conversations .pdf
   │      44-Play Ce44  Cold Email That Booked A Meeting After A Prospect Said   No Thanks  .pdf
   │      45-Play Ce45  How To Get A Response From A Busy Person — Teardown .pdf
   │      46-Play Ce46  Example — Personalized Email That Got A Positive Response .pdf
   │      47-Play Ce47  Illumination Cold Email (How To Change The Status Quo) .pdf
   │      48-Play Ce48  How To Respond When A Prospects Asks For Information Via Email .pdf
   │      49-Zelda4.pdf
   │      50-Taketheblame.pdf
   │      51-Positive Response.pdf
   │      52-Illuminationresponse.png
   │      53-Play Ce53  The Radically Honest Illumination Email .pdf
   │      54-Hdeducational.png
   │      55-Aetnablur.png
   │      说明.txt
   ├─08-Video Email
   │      01-Play Ve1  Example From Jason Bay   Sale.pdf
   │      01-Play VE1- Example From Jason Bay - Sale.mkv
   │      说明.txt
   ├─09-The Initial Sales Conversation
   │      01-Leadconversations.pdf
   │      02-Play Dc1  How To Improve Your Meeting Show Rate   Sale.pdf
   │      03-Play Dc2  Finding Problems   Sale.pdf
   │      03-Play DC2- Finding Problems - Sale.mkv
   │      04-Play Dc3  Asking For The Sale   Sale.pdf
   │      05-Play Dc4  How To Separate Yourself From The Competition   Sale.pdf
   │      06-Play Dc5  Your Product Story   Sale.pdf
   │      07-Play Dc6  Client Story   Sale.pdf
   │      08-Play Dc7  Don't Bruise The Ego   Sale.pdf
   │      09-Play Dc8  Testing For Commitment   Sale.pdf
   │      10-Play Dc9  Overcoming The Status Quo Bias   Sale.pdf
   │      11-Play Dc10  An Insightful Question   Sale.pdf
   │      12-Play Dc11  Price Anchoring   Sale.pdf
   │      13-Play Dc12  How To Expedite Contract Execution   Sale.pdf
   │      14-Play Dc13  Don't Discount. Do This Instead.   Sale.pdf
   │      15-Play Dc14  The Post Meeting Video Summary   Sale.pdf
   │      16-Play Dc15  How To Write An Effective Follow-Up Email After A Discovery Call   Sale.pdf
   │      说明.txt
   ├─10-Leveraging Customers for New Opportunities
   │      01-Play Lc1  How To Ask For Referrals   Sale.pdf
   │      02-Play Lc2  Interviewing Customers   Sale.pdf
   │      03-Play Lc3  One Question To Generate 20  More Revenue   Sale.pdf
   │      04-Play Lc4  How To Ask For A Testimonial Without Sounding Salesy   Sale.pdf
   │      05-Play Lc5  Reactivating A Past Customer   Sale.pdf
   │      06-Play Lc6  Asking For Video Testimonials   Sale.pdf
   │      06-Play LC6- Asking For Video Testimonials - Sale.mkv
   │      说明.txt
   │      01-Play Li1  Your Headline   Sale.pdf
   │      02-Play Li2  Connection Requests With 70  Acceptance Rate   Sale.pdf
   │      03-Play Li3  The Most Phenomenal Linkedin Connection Request   Sale.pdf
   │      03-Play LI3- The Most Phenomenal LinkedIn Connection Request - Sale.mkv
   │      04-Play Li4  The Video Connection Request Pitch   Sale.pdf
   │      04-Play LI4- The Video Connection Request Pitch - Sale.mkv
   │      05-Play Li5  Yet Another High Converting Linkedin Connection Request   Sale.pdf
   │      06-Play Li6  Nelly's Linkedin Voice Message That Got A Sale   Sale.pdf
   │      07-Play Li7   Thanks For Connecting  Video Message   Sale.pdf
   │      07-Video.mkv
   │      08-Play Li8  Example Of A Connection Request With A High Accept Rate   Sale.pdf
   │      09-Play Li9  How To Start Conversations With Anyone On Linkedin   Sale.pdf
   │      10-Play Li10  Educational-Based Linkedin Connection Request   Sale.pdf
   │      说明.txt
   ├─12-Creating Memorable Impressions
   │      01-Play Mi1  7 Ways To Create A Memorable First Impression   Sale.pdf
   │      02-Play Mi2  Direct Mail Examples   Sale.pdf
   │      03-Play Mi3  One Easy Way To Make Your Customers Happy   Sale.pdf
   │      04-Play Mi4  Dale Dupree's Red Brick   Sale.pdf
   │      05-Play Mi5  Send An Old Fashioned Telegram   Sale.pdf
   │      06-Play Mi6  The Post-Webinar Email   Sale.pdf
   │      07-Play Mi7  The  Lumpy  Mail   Sale.pdf
   │      08-Play Mi8  This 40-Second Pitch Made Will Smith Invest Immediately   Sale.pdf
   │      08-Play MI8- This 40-Second Pitch Made Will Smith Invest Immediately - Sale [QQ_250075083].mp4
   │      说明.txt
   ├─13-Defusing Objections
   │      01-Play DO1- Decoding Objections With Matt Millen - Sale.mkv
   │      02-Play Do2  Preventing Objections By Making The Skeleton Dance   Sale.pdf
   │      03-Play Do3  One Question That Will Help You Waste Less Time Chasing   Sale.pdf
   │      04-Play Do4  Why Are You Better Than Your Competitors    Sale.pdf
   │      05-Play Do5  I Don't Have A Budget   Sale.pdf
   │      06-Play Do6  Answering  What Do You Do     Sale.pdf
   │      07-Play DO7- Defusing -Your Price Is Too High- - Sale.mkv
   │      08-Play Do8  How To Defuse The Most Common Objections   Sale.pdf
   │      09-Play Do9  Send Me A Proposal   Sale.pdf
   │      10-Play Do10  Defusing  Can You Send Me Some Information     Sale.pdf
   │      11-Play Do11  Defusing  Can You Get Back To Me Next Quarter     Sale.pdf
   │      12-Play Do12  Transcript  Your Price Is Too High   Sale.pdf
   │      13-Play Do13  Transcript Of How I Defused  Your Price Is Too High.    Sale.pdf
   │      14-Play DO14- -If We Find A Need, We'll Keep You In Mind.- - Sale.mkv
   │      15-Anothervendor.pdf
   │      16-Play Do16  Prospects Ask You To Send Them Info Via Email   Sale.pdf
   │      说明.txt
   ├─14-Inbound Leads
   │      01-Play In1  How To Respond To An Inbound Lead   Sale.pdf
   │      02-Play IN2- Inbound Cold Call Critique - Sale.mkv
   │      说明.txt
   │      01-Play Ne1  Example Of A Negotiation With A Jeweler   Sale.pdf
   │      02-Play Ne2  Example Of A Negotiation With A Client   Sale.pdf
   │      说明.txt
   ├─16-Building Credibility
   │      01-Play Nu1  Top Of Mind Campaign Email   Sale.pdf
   │      02-Play Nu2  Example Nurture Track You Can Steal   Sale.pdf
   │      03-Play Nu3  A Shortcut For Building Credibility   Sale.pdf
   │      说明.txt
   ├─17-Video Prospecting
   │      01-Play Vp1  Example Of An Email And Video That Booked A Meeting   Sale.pdf
   │      说明.txt
           01-Play Sq1  Meeting Reminder Sequence Meeting Reminder Sequence   Sale.pdf
           02-Play Sq2  No Show Sequence   Sale.pdf
           03-Play Sq3  Drift's Personalized Sequence   Sale.pdf
           04-Play Sq4  Prospect Ghosted You Sequence   Sale.pdf
           05-Play Sq5  Becc Holland's Personalized Cold Email Sequence   Sale.pdf
           06-Play Sq6  Rippling's Cold Email Sequence   Sale.pdf





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