Twitter Badassery是一门自学课程,将帮助你为即将到来的机会做好准备。



Twitter is about to solve some major problems for writers, business owners, and freelancers.
Twitter Badassery is a self-paced course that will help you prepare yourself for the coming opportunity.
This course is the result of all that research, all the testing I’ve done on my own time, and all the “grey hat” tricks other teachers use but don’t teach.

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Twitter Badassery
  ├─01-Getting Oriented
  │      00-Lesson 0 - Using Twitter (for Beginners).mkv
  │      01-Lesson 1 - The Surprising Truth About Twitter (Part 1).mkv
  │      02-Lesson 2 - The Surprising Truth About Twitter (Part 2).mkv
  │      03-Lesson 3 - Is Twitter Blue Worth It.mkv
  │      04-Lesson 4 - The Five-Point Profile (Part 1).mkv
  │      05-Lesson 5 - The Five Point Profile (Part 2).mkv
  ├─02-Reading the Room on Twitter Like a Pro
  │      01-Lesson 6 - Learn to Read the Room Like a Pro.mkv
  │      02-Lesson 7 - Secrets of the Twitter Algorithm.mkv
  │      03-Lesson 8 - Accelerate Your Idea Creation With The Best Tools.mkv
  ├─03-Twitter Content Creation - Not Just Another Platform
  │      01-Lesson 10 - The Secrets to Single Tweets, Tweet Threads, and Rapid Twitter Growth.mkv
  │      02-Lesson 11 - Infinity and Beyond - Using Analytics and Data to Show You What Works.mkv
  │      03-Lesson 12 - The Future of Twitter - Long Form Writing.mkv
  │      04-Lesson 9 - Put on Your Twitter Brain and Prepare for the Platform.mkv
  ├─04-Twitter Content Distribution - Go Further, Faster
  │      01-Lesson 13 - Push Your Tweet Further, Faster.mkv
  ├─05-How to Monetize On Twitter - Now, Later, and Every Day In Between
  │      01-Lesson 14 - Twitter for Indirect Earnings - Your Newsletter, New Clients, or Potential Customers.mkv
  │      02-Lesson 15 - Get Prepared to Make Money DIRECTLY from Twitter.mkv
  ├─06-Last Lesson Before You Go
  │      01-Lesson 16 - Biggest Takeaways from Twitter Badassery...and a Special Offer.mkv
  └─07-Bonus Lessons
              └─Twitter Badassery Bonus Lessons
              Power Tweeting Matrix.xlsx
              Twitter Advanced Search to Ethically Stalk Trends and People.mkv
              Twitter Blue Checklist.docx
              Twitter Thread and Tweet Tim-Plates (writing prompts).docx
              Twitter Thread “Tim-Plates”.docx





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